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In the beginnings there was an agreement, a hand shake, I do the job and you pay me. And life went on.
Look at the picture again.
We had to employ machines to do the jobs for us so we could pay or get paid by others.
And life went on.
About 40-50 years, my god I’m getting old, personal computer showed up in our life and work. Their meaning was to make our life simpler and easier. They were designed to help us. That's what computers were suppose to do. Ehhh!
​People had to adapted fast to the new life, some never did. It was time to change to live or die.
And life got complicated.

To get life back on track a solution had to be found. There it was !!! The new humanoid: the computer guy, the knew all, the fixer upper, the problem solver, the guru and some time the computer teacher.

Life got better, less stress, less pain. You could now see the bright light at the end of the tunnel , again.

And life went on. 

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